Every Life Matters

~~The personal story to choose the life of their child at the immediate risk of Robin’s life is inspirational and heartwarming. Believing in God’s love for life does not stop at birth, and this presentation will inspire the listener to re-commit to the pro-life movement, embrace life, and will motivate him to make a difference in his own life.

Reclaiming American Fatherhood
~~Faced with the inability to have more children due to Robin’s cancer, Shak and Robin decided to become foster parents. In all, they have foster-parented 46 children, and adopted four. In a world running away from fatherhood, Shak explains the joys of fatherhood and his deep appreciation for the difference a Godly father can make—both in the family and in American society.

Shak Hill

Aiming Highest

~~Presentations and books abound about setting goals, but many of them set their sights on merely earthly rewards. Whether he was serving as a Combat Pilot, an MLS Soccer Official, a foster parent to 46 children, or a candidate for the US Senate, his goal was the same: God. In this powerful presentation, Shak explains that we should aim higher—to aim highest, and why we should never settle for anything less.

Needed: Christians in Politics

~~America was founded on religious beliefs and tenants. No clearer is this realized than in the founding documents and the guarantee of religious freedom as found in the very first Article in the Bill of Rights. Today, many believers overlook their God ordained role as an informed voter in the political process. Christians Need Apply. Learn why this is critical to our nation’s survival.